A Need to Create

Writing a blog on behalf of a group of people or a brand or a thing, instead of a human is harder than it should be. Best practices say “Never use I – it could confuse your audience” or “keep it surface level because you’re a brand and you don’t have emotions or feelings.” Well, sometimes, I (Jason the creator of STL SketchPAD) just want to write something that’s on top of mind. I’ve been journaling my entire life. I’ve been blogging on multiple websites (very poorly for the most part) since 2004. That’s a long time. But, when it comes to STL SketchPAD’s blog, I generally try to keep the I out of it. I try to speak from a we standpoint as much as possible. Each month people are invited to be a part of what STL SketchPAD was created to be; a team. The “best practices” person inside keeps me from blogging too much because it’s incorrect to blog as a person when you’re trying to represent a team. Of course, this means less blog posts and less sharing of personal experiences and knowledge that I’ve gained from doing this beautiful thing that I get to be a part of each month.

But, what if that approach is a mistake?

What if you like STL SketchPAD because of what it represents; people? People, like me, with a need and a want to create. We aren’t experts on anything. I’m not an expert on comedy, sketch, stand-up, improv, experimental or whatever it is Tom Green does. I’m just a person and STL SketchPAD is just a team of people trying their best to fill this need we all share. The need to create.

I have a need to create. The people on my team have a need to create. Having that in common and being able to celebrate that with each other, every month, inspires the hell out of me. Over the weekend, I made this comment:

“I don’t think I’m that funny. That’s why I keep building teams with funny people.”

That is very much a true statement. And I don’t view it as a knock on myself, either. Actually, I think it’s a strength of mine to recognize that and to also recognize the good (and the funny) in others. It’s also my strength to organize and create environments for those people to excel and create fun stuff in. Also, anyone who knows me, knows me as an honest and emotional person. From here on out, I’m going to blog more. I’m going to give you my thoughts and not worry about that best practices guy who lives in me and yells about not sharing things that are human.

It’s impossible to create anything worthwhile if you don’t care deeply about it and I care very deeply for what STL SketchPAD and those that pay any attention whatsoever to it.

STL SketchPAD is a team of people. STL SketchPAD is you, me, and everyone who has ever put in their own time to create something on our stage or watch us create from the audience.

Thank you for being a part of STL SketchPAD in any way you have or will in the future.

Thank you for having a need to help us create.

Let’s keep creating things together as people.

Keep creating. Keep writing.