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For April, we will be showcasing some of the people who’ve been a part of Sketchpad Comedy. This particular story comes from Angela Smith. Angela was invited to be a producer of STL Sketchpad and also writes/performs for our sketch comedy podcast; Welcome Thru Effingham. Her regular characters include Miss Jean Dean.


I am a lifelong fan girl of Saturday Night Live. The good years. The “bad” years. My childhood was filled with worn out VHS tapes of episodes taped off NBC and learning all the words to King Tut” before I even understood who the guy was. The State came out when I was a kid, and I’m pretty sure I was the only 8-year-old allowed to watch it. And quote it at the dinner table. “Lasagna? I want to dip my balls in it!” I was a delightful child.

Comedy writing has always been an interest, but I associated it with moving to a big city full of strangers and being totally broke. I’ve never been in a good position to take that leap, so I began to ask around about sketch writing opportunities in St. Louis. A friend told me that Jason Flamm ran a group called Sketchpad, and I blindly emailed him one day asking if I could sit in on a session. He took a chance on an unknown weirdo, and here we are.

Angela Smith & Brandon JuddFor the first month, I observed. I’m a super cautious person with a crippling fear of failure, so this was an ideal arrangement for me. I gradually started pitching sketch ideas, and with the help of the group, refined them and got them on stage. A few months in I was having so much fun, Jason asked me to be a producer.

April marks one year since I got involved in this group, and I continue to participate because it’s such an organized, encouraging space to be creative. Sketchpad Comedy has given me a place to pursue a passion for sketch without quitting my day job or moving to a different city.

I’ve made great friends, learned about comedy writing, and honestly – I’ve saved a ton of money focusing on something productive like this instead of going out to bars all the time for entertainment. Group photo

Sketchpad is a lot of things, but scary isn’t one of them. If you’ve got the creative urge, come write with us. Not only will you have the satisfaction of seeing your work up on a stage; you might make a few new friends in the process.

– Angela Smith, Sketchpad Comedy Producer

To learn more about Sketchpad Comedy and what we do, read “Who We Are.”

If you’re interested in writing with STL Sketchpad, be sure to read “Write With Us” to see what that’s all about! We’d love to have you.

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