Meet Ben Kronberg

“If they can’t take a joke, fuck em in the face and feed em fish.”

Recently, Logan Short caught up with Stand-Up comedian Ben Kronberg for an interview. Ben is from Denver, Colorado and doesn’t hold back in his comedy or in this interview.

Q: You do sketch, you do a lot of standup, you write songs; do you decide you’re going to write a sketch, joke, or song then come up with an idea, or do you have an idea and see what form it fits into?

A: Usually everything starts out as an idea. Naked without a destination but if it rhymes or seems like it wants to keep going that way I try to make a song. Usually how I feel about things or heavier topics go the song direction.  Sketches usually are based around a character idea or scene rio I think is funny and jokes come from more of an abstract place of putting ideas together that only make sense being combined and mentioned once.

Q: A lot of your jokes are about poo and privates (which I really do love, btw). What is it about poo and privates that is eternally funny? Can you legitimately break it down, or is it unexplainable like love?

A: It’s the stuff we all have in common.  Not everyone relates to sports or politics or pop culture in the same way but we all poop and fuck. Theoretically. We are all here because of sex and we are all destined to poop. It’s unavoidable. Not always savory or easy to talk about but it’s undeniable.

npbitghbGq1qfgjgeo1_1280Q: You talk about stigmas in comedy, like using your notebook on stage or playing guitar. Did somebody tell you these things? How did you react and handle the first time you realized there was a stigma to some of your material?

A: It’s observed stigmas for sure. You overhear people talking shop and talking shit and use it to shape what u do. Either as a contrarian or a conspirator.  I reacted more with resistance to the criticism. The beauty of comedy or any art is making your own choices. For better or worse. As the creator it is your obligation to make your own mistakes.

Q: Let’s say there’s a bit, whatever form, and somebody tells you it goes against “proper etiquette,” but the audience loves it, whose opinion wins? Is there a steadfast rule?

A: No rules. Only observations and reactions. Etiquette is more actions based rules. Words are powerful because there are no steadfast rules with what or how to say something. It’s why slang and vernacular are words

Q: What is the best piece of comedy advice you’ve ever received?

A: “If they can’t take a joke, fuck em in the face and feed em fish.” It’s what my dad would tell me growing up even before I was a comedian.

Q: What piece of advice might you tell a comedian trying to develop their skills?

A: The less you worry about what people think the more power you will have. And the more potential to explore and grow.

Q: I saw you were just at Sundance. You were around Judd Apatow. Do you take moments like those to network or just enjoy the moment? What’s buzzing comedy-wise at the festival? Tell us all the secrets you know.

A: Just enjoy. Being in the proximity of people you admire and playing it cool is quite satisfying.  There are no secrets. Oh wait. Even rich people like to get free things.

Q: Where can people find you on the internet? Where do you WANT people to find you on the internet?

A: @benkronberg on all the platforms. 

Q: Anything of yours coming up we should check out?

A: I have some scratches coming out soon about 3 of them I think but I just acted in them and not sure the release date. But most recently I was in a thing called “The Pretentious Bumb” it’s on FOD. 

You can learn more about Ben Kronberg and his upcoming shows by visiting his website at and check out his soundcloud.

Watch Ben in this clip of @Midnight #Hashtag Wars

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