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This week I had the privilege of hosting a Live Workshop with some people who wanted to know more about writing and creating comedy. Except for one person that I had just met at the end of our last show, these were all new people to me. Truth be told, I was a little nervous going into the workshop.

It’s always a little nerve-racking to meet new people. You never know what type of person they will be – like maybe they’re a serial killer even. It’s a thing. I was nervous, as well, because I hadn’t hosted a workshop since the early days of STL SketchPAD. I hoped that the material was worth their time and effort.

Thankfully, it went over very well and all that nervousness went out the window.

In fact, they had some pretty great feedback about the whole process and I plan on using that feedback to further improve the Live Workshop.

I believe there is a desire out there, maybe with you even, to create and write comedy. My desire lies in helping people do just that. I like to end emails and blog posts with:

Keep creating. Keep writing. 

That’s not a throw away line. I’m a huge believer that we should all be creators. We should all be doing the things that we enjoy the most. For me, that’s comedy creation. I love it.

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Keep creating. Keep writing.