Sketchpad Comedy FAQ

What is Sketchpad Comedy?

  • Sketchpad Comedy is an organization that is on a mission to make comedy accessible to anyone who wants to watch or participate in it. We believe that if you want to create comedy, you should be able to and we can help.

What is STL Sketchpad? Is it different from Sketchpad Comedy?

  • STL Sketchpad is a locally produced live sketch comedy show in our hometown of St. Louis, MO. Each show is completely new and features a cast of writers whose experience varies from veteran to never written comedy before. It’s not different from Sketchpad Comedy, but rather a show that is produced by our organization.

When is the next show?

  • Sketchpad Comedy last performed in August of 2017. We have been on hiatus due to, well, real life. Jobs, amiright?! When this changes, we will update and let everyone know.

Where are you located?

  • Right now we are just doing live shows in St. Louis, MO. If you’d like to participate, you must be able to meet me in St. Louis – if you have a personal jet, I’d like to ride in it.

Can I write for Sketchpad Comedy?

  • Sure, why not? We are constantly looking for new writers and people who want to participate in comedy. It’s what we do and we love it. All it takes is an email to our Executive Producer Jason and just answer these questions:
    • Have you ever written or performed comedy before? If so, when?
    • What are a few of your biggest comedic influences?
    • What upcoming month do you think you’d be available to participate?
  • Send an email to Jason and introduce yourself. Email is Jason@sketchpadcomedy.com

Why the name Sketchpad?

  • There’s something magical about the possibilities of a blank sketchbook. You can write in it, draw in it, tear it up and make something completely different with it. We like to think our shows and comedy reflect that. We collaborate, we create content and we are open to anyone who wants to participate. We’re a blank page waiting for people to fill us with their creations.

Do you do video sketches or just live?

  • We do both. We have some very talented people in our video department. We also focus on original series and sometimes record sketches from our live shows and put them all on our Youtube Channel. Subscribe here.

What experience do I need to participate?

  • None at all. We have a process that has proven to work over and over again. We can teach you the ways of the Force. If you’re willing to learn, we’re willing to teach.

Can you teach me to write sketch comedy?

  • Absolutely. See the above, young Jedi. Also, while you’re at it, consider subscribing to our Email List and you’ll get tips and information directly in your email inbox for free. You’ll also get our very first ebook 3 Steps to Better Comedy.
  • You can also download for free our Sketch Writing Cheat Sheet to help you get started on sketch writing.

Do you only do sketch comedy?

  • We are currently branching out into video miniseries, we also did a live sitcom (we called it a Skitcom) for our 1 year Anniversary show. We have plans this year, for our 2nd birthday, to do a live Musical (move over Grease!). We believe sketch comedy is a great and wonderful way to learn how to write. It translates into TV writing, movie scripts or even plays.

When do you offer workshops?

  • These are rare these days, but some day. If you REALLY want one, you can reach out to Jason and let him know and he’ll make it happen. Jason@sketchpadcomedy.com

I heard you are planning to offer writing courses… what’s that about?

  • We were… see above about shows and workshops. Someday, we hope.

Where can I find you on social?

What if I have more questions?

  • Email Jason – he responds super quick and loves to talk to people. Jason@sketchpadcomedy.com