Favorite Moments from 2015


Zack Stovall

Kevin’s Manic Copay sketch, which was way too dark and brilliant for a high school kid to write. Also, I enjoyed that the dumbest idea anyone’s ever had, “Leave It To Smeagol,” actually worked on a real gosh dang stage.


Angela Smith

Logan (Short) being told he could NOT lay on top of that doorway in a butterfly cocoon. For the POD, it’d either be the whole improv about the taco or riffing with Brian Dooley for the first time. We’d never met before that moment and it was pure magic to me.


Kevin Strader

I loved Annie’s (Annie Niehoff) Sam Hunt sketch! Very fun and let me take my shirt off! Also For the POD had to be Nathan’s Tommy Wiseau sketches which were simply too much for me to handle.


Nathan Maul

Favorite sketch: Kevin’s (Strader) sex ed. I have never been more proud. Favorite pod: Angela (Smith) and (Brian) Dooley. They struck gold with one swing. Also, very glad with how Smeagol turned out. Went from a dumb bit idea (I think at Mangia’s?) to a really funny sketch.


Erica Lee

Kevin’s (Strader) Sex Ed for reals. So clever and unexpected. And hilarious. Logan’s (Short) peanut butter sketch – I wasn’t involved yet and that was a great intro to the pad. Pod- anything Lenny!


Logan Short

I really enjoyed the video Sniffs by (Christopher) Melton, Josh (Evans), and Marissa (Sedmak). Seeing new faces every month is probably the coolest, though. It shows how there’s an unlimited number of people with funny ideas. All trying to articulate a very personal perspective. All trusting a group of strangers to foster that perspective so that a larger audience of strangers can understand what it is they’re saying, and laugh. Pretty cool.


Shea Ballantine

Annie (Niehoff) and Kevin’s (Strader) crazy country guy (can’t remember his name) sketch – it was hilarious and made me want to download the song just to replay the sketch in my head.


Christopher Melton



Joshua Evans.

I would say my favorite moment of Sketchpad in 2015 was everyone’s performances in the Skitcom.

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Jason Flamm

The mix of joy, fear and relief that is on everyone’s face throughout the month as we take risks together. The goofy shit that makes us all laugh. Skitcom, leave it to Smeagol, Sam Hunt, 3D glasses, an under appreciated card board cut out of multiple stages of Skeet Ulrich’s face, “Who do I talk to about sketchpad?,” all of my producers openness and creativity, a community of inclusiveness and collaboration and not caring that we shouldn’t be doing any of this. I’m a lucky guy.


What was YOUR favorite moment from this year?