New Year New Sketchpad

Is it too late?

Did we miss the deadline for setting resolutions and talking about what we plan on doing in 2016? Oh well. We’re gonna do it anyway.

We did a lot of stuff in 2015. See our wrap up on the year or our favorite moments. For 2016, we hope to do even more!

Here are a few things we have planned for 2016:

Sketch Comedy shows

This is our bread and butter and we aren’t going to forget that. Last year we did 10 shows. This year, we will have at least one each month. That makes a minimum of 12 sketch comedy shows for you to LOL at. Our first one in 2016 is Tuesday, February 2nd. You can buy your tickets now.

Visit Show Page

Our February show… we haven’t spoken much about it… but it’s now time to let the cat out of the bag. On Thursday, February 25th
we will be collaborating with St. Louis Public Radio and the Kitchen Sink Series. To say we are excited is quite the understatement. Many of us are fans of  NPR/STL PR and the thought that we may get to share the stage and airwaves with them is quite overwhelming. More details to come as we get closer, but if you listen to NPR or STL PR and subscribe to their newsletters – don’t be surprised to start hearing about Sketchpad soon.kitchensinkseries


Donating 162 pairs of socks in December felt great! We enjoyed it so much that we’ve decided that we will find a local cause or charity to get behind each month during 2016. We have put together a team to lead this group and we hope that our efforts will not only support the comedy community but also the entire St. Louis community. When the entire community grows and improves, so do we.

Also, for 2016 we are hoping to do more Free Sketchpad Community events like we had in December when we got together to watch W/Bob & David at the Marcelle. It may not always be a movie, but we hope that it’s something you’ll enjoy spending time doing with us. with-bob-and-david


We’ve already begun collaborating with other organizations, teams, etc. We also want to make sure that we improve in our own collaborative process. We promise to continue to offer high quality shows and great experiences for those that participate in a monthly STL Sketchpad show. We will be bringing more comedy writing opportunities and education to #STLComedy.

Something we’ve already introduced is our first Ebook! Over the last six months we’ve been writing an ebook that we call “3 Ways to Make Your Comedy Writing Funnier.” It’s a book for those that already do some comedy writing, but maybe they feel like they’re missing something. It takes 3 strategies for improving your comedy writing and explains how to implement them in just 8 easy to read pages. If you haven’t received that ebook yet, you can get it now. Also, since this is our first one, we’d love to hear your thoughts on it. What did you like? What didn’t you like? How can we make it better or super bonus points if you email Jason and let him know what kind of ebook you’d REALLY love to read.

Download Free Ebook


January 26th is our 14th STL Sketchpad. Unbelievable. In July, we will be celebrating not only our 2nd anniversary as an organization but, our 20th live comedy show! We are humbled at the thought that you’ve been willing to support us through 20 live shows. I don’t want to give too much away, but since we did something completely new and out of our comfort zone for our year 1 birthday, we’ve decided to do the same for year 2. We’re all a little nervous about it. We hope you’ll be pumped to celebrate our 2nd birthday with us. But, that’s not until July. 15829_753330598122569_8116119262450642676_n

We are also focusing on how we can create things that serve you; our dedicated audience. We don’t want to offer services or shows or workshops, unless they add value to your lives. We know you love comedy. We know some of you just want to watch while others want to play. We are creating ways to serve both. We hope to provide live workshops, interviews with comedians that are passing through town (we’ve already got some to publish) and maybe, just maybe an actual comedy writing class or two. If that’s exciting to you, make sure to sign up for our email list. All announcements of upcoming classes, educational materials (like the ebook) are given to that list FIRST. We feel like it’s a great way to give back to our most dedicated community members. Are you on the mailing list?

Yes, I want to sign up

Also, maybe you noticed (or didn’t and that’s fine too) that our website is also brand new. With all these new developments and plans we have decided to call ourselves Sketchpad Comedy. Our local St. Louis shows will continue to be STL Sketchpad, but our organization has a new name and look. What do you think of the new site? I want you to tell me if I have food in my teeth. So, if you see something that’s weird or something isn’t working right, PLEASE let us know.

On top of all that we will also start recording Season 2 of the Sketchpod. Last year we heard from a few of you that you were really digging it. It’s always great to hear that stuff, especially since we don’t know who or exactly how many are actually listening. Did you enjoy season 1? What was your favorite sketch or character? Let Jason know. He’s very insecure about these things.

Listen to Sketchpod

So, those are some of the plans for 2016. More community, more collaboration and more creation.

What are your plans to keep creating, keep writing in ’16?

Write it in the comments below or send us an email to let us know. We think we can help.


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