Our Mission

Sketchpad Comedy creates sketch comedy shows.

But, that’s not what we do.

Creating shows is simply a tool and format we use to accomplish what our actual mission is.

Our mission is:

Anyone who wants to create comedy can and we can help.

Think about this for a second. What does it mean?

Take The Second City and look at their brand message. They’re not saying “if you’d like to learn how to write comedy, learn from us.”

No, they are saying “We produced Bill Murray, Steve Carrell and Gilda Radner (among many others). If you’d like to BE one of those people, we can show you how to do it, because we’ve done it so many times.” In fact, on their website the first thing you see are images of these famous comedians.

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That’s a huge difference in perception.

People who go to Second City don’t just want to write comedy. They can do that anytime, any place and for free. People who pay money for Second City classes or work out of the Touring Co. want to write/perform comedy for TV shows, become a castmember of SNL, or “make it.”

The messaging for Sketchpad Comedy is not “We believe everyone should write or watch sketch comedy.”

We don’t have a list of famous people who have “come up” through our system. Some day, maybe. Second City has a 50 year head start on us. We just started doing this in 2014, yet we’ve already helped over 100 writers and performers put up hundreds of original sketches. We have experience and confidence in our ability to take anyone and show them how to write, collaborate and then put on a damn good comedy set. We choose to do it through STL Sketchpad Live Shows and our sketch comedy podcast; Welcome Thru Effingham.

Right now we are also discovering ways to do this through video production and through offering courses & workshops.

We may not be experts. We are learning as we go along. We make mistakes and are in no ways perfect. But, what we are doing is entirely built upon the model that we want to help eliminate the barriers that keep people from creating cool things. Not everyone has the means to pay rent for a stage. Not everyone has 12 sketches to put up a whole sketch show. Not everyone has a team of like-minded people to collaborate with. Not everyone has access to cameras or editing software. These barriers prevent creation. We have gathered those resources and removed those barriers.

Are we solving world hunger or changing the world? No. Maybe someday. We just create comedy.

Because everyone needs to laugh.

What barriers have kept you from creating? Whether it’s comedy or something else. 

Respond in the comments below and let us know.

This post was inspired by this Medium article: We Don’t Sell Saddles Here

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