Sketchpad Comedy 2017 – Survey Results & Direction

This past week I asked the Sketchpad Comedy Family to fill out a survey. (Did you miss out? We’d really appreciate it if you took a few minutes to lend your voice and thoughts. Click here:

The reason for the survey was simple; Sketchpad Comedy, in 2 1/2 years, has met most of our goals. We need new ones. I think 2017 is a great opportunity for us to make sure we are providing the value that our audience expects and, more importantly, needs from us.

Interested in the results of the survey? Here you go (analysis to follow):

Total survey takers – 21 people

Experience with Sketchpad

  • 100% were previous participants of a Sketchpad Show
  • 100% rated it a 4 or 5 on overall experience (1 = eh, could’ve done without it. 5 = it helped me grow as a writer, comedian and/or artist
  • 67% plan on taking part again in 2017 while 33% said Maybe (0% said no.. woohoo!)
  • Sketchpad does 1 show a month. When asked about this 76.2% said they believe we do “just enough shows”; 14.3% said “too many shows” and; 9.5% said “not enough shows”
  • 100% said they tell their friends about us
  • 86% said it would effect them personally if Sketchpad stopped everything
  • When asked if they saw Sketchpad in certain ways, these were their answers (and percentage who said yes): learn collaboration skills to use outside of comedy (85.7%), helped people achieve a lifelong dream of writing/performing comedy (81%), made St. Louis a better place (76.2%), increased the confidence of people to start their own shows (61.9%) and helped the community outside of comedy (57.1%)

Current vs Change of Format

  • 95.2% of surveyed people was us to do more of a mix of Live sketches and video sketches
  • 52.4% said they would prefer less, but higher quality shows
  • 52.4% expressed interest in us teaching the community “something new (ie. movie/play scripts, Youtube Series, etc)”
  • Only 33.3% said we should “keep doing what we’re doing”

Classes and Content

  • 81% said “Maybe, depending upon price” for if they’d be interested in taking sketch comedy classes
  • 23.8% said Yes, they’d be interested in classes
  • Of the content we’ve produced (articles, ebooks, blog posts, etc) 61.9% read a few things; 19% regularly read our content
  • 66.7% said they would read more content
  • 38.1% said they could “take or leave content” and 38.1% said “content is useful” for them; 19% said they would be interested in contributing to content

My analysis

Ultimately, I am very thrilled about the overall results! The fact that 21 people were willing to take the survey (and more if we get some after this – that link again is here: makes me very happy! It’s always a little scary asking people for feedback, but I think it’s very important to what we do. So, if you were one of those 21, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Their is a lot of positivity around Sketchpad Comedy. Awesome! I don’t want to do anything negative or that is seen as a detriment to the people who participate in it. Does that mean everything we did/do is 100% correct? Absolutely not. But, hopefully this does mean we are doing more good than bad.

The people want video opportunities. I could feel this coming and from the outset, I hoped we would get to a point where video was more viable and doable as a group. I think we may be there now and we are going to actively pursue this.

We are expected to and people want us to grow. With just 7 out of 21 people saying for us to “keep doing what we’re doing” is very telling. Every person, organization needs to grow. It sounds like it’s time for us to grow, evolve and expand into more areas and maybe even eliminate other areas or ideas. Like…

classes aren’t necessary for us to offer. 

Personally, this is a bummer. I look at classes as an opportunity to teach and reach more people. I love teaching sketch comedy and I’ve always believed a course on it would help us create sustainability. But, if the people who are closest to us aren’t really into it, it’s just us doing what we want and not caring about what our community needs. Perhaps workshops or online teachings are a way to go instead, but for now, a full sketch comedy course wouldn’t fulfill the needs of this audience. Maybe that will change over time, but for now it’ll be great to focus that time and effort on something else.

Next Steps and 2017

How does this change Sketchpad Comedy and STL Sketchpad Shows for 2017?

That… needs to be fully figured out by me. I’ve got the brain working and with your feedback I have a lot of information to go on.

Thank you again for participating and if you have other thoughts you’d like to share with me or ideas of how we can continue to evolve based on our audience’s needs, please PLEASE reach out to me. 

What do you think these results mean for Sketchpad Comedy in 2017?

What would help YOU the most?

(respond on this Facebook post:

I am looking forward to 2017 and the next chapter for Sketchpad Comedy. I hope you are too!

-Jason, Sketchpad Comedy

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