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We are Sketchpad Comedy.

Our Mission: Comedy makes the world a better place & everyone should have access to it.

Since 2014, we’ve put on sketch comedy shows. Those shows were written and developed by a new cast every month. Why did we do it this way? Because of the above mission statement. Comedy is important to us because we see it’s usefulness in our everyday lives. The ability to laugh in the face of sadness, depression and heartbreak is priceless. Everyone deserves a chance to be happy. We will continue doing this through podcasts, more shows, workshops and comedy courses.

DSC_6131Our local sketch comedy show is STL Sketchpad. This show features a new cast of writers every month. It’s performed out of St. Louis, MO. Each show is brand new and features a wide range of comedy tastes. We are an inclusive group of people who want to help create the best damn comedy show we can.*

DSC_7538On our live show, we’ve had seasoned veterans of comedy and even co-workers** who have never written comedy before in their life. We create an atmosphere of trust, positivity, feedback and openness. Throughout the month you’ll learn about writing comedy. You can use this experience to further your comedy career, dabble in experimental stuff (that you maybe aren’t so sure about) or just have a damn good time working with a great group of people.

DSC_7421No jerks allowed.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out the posts below. They’ll give you a good idea of what we’re all about. Once you’ve done that, sign up for our newsletter and stay informed about everything Sketchpad Comedy. We even offer you a FREE ebook just for signing up.

DSC_6268If you’d like to email our Executive Producer, you can do that by clicking here. His name is Jason and he loves to hear about the weird comedy stuff you’re into. If this isn’t your thing and you decide to never see us again, thanks for stopping by.



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 *Not to be confused with The Best Damn Sports Show Period. That’s not us. Not that you thought it was, but just in case.

**Yes, we suffer through day jobs too.


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