STL SketchPAD 14


On Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016 Sketchpad Comedy presents…

STL SketchPAD: 14 Everybody’s Doin It

It’s our first show of 2016 and we want it to be big! Bigger than we’ve ever done before. We are setting out to perform the biggest sketch in the history of sketch comedy. In fact, we’ve called Guinness Book of World Records about it.

They haven’t returned our calls yet.

But hey, just like a 14 year old boy (or St. Louis when it comes to the Rams) we aren’t gonna let a little (or a lot) of rejection stop us! We are throwing more money at this thing than Stan Kroenke wipes his butt with. That’s probably not true.

We have a new set of writers, we’re back at the beautiful Marcelle Theater and as always, DJ Boogieman is spinning the tunes.

This month’s writers include Alex Ringhausen, Bryan Prosperi, Frank Zito, Laura Lanigan, Lyndsay Shipley, Matt Martin, Rachel Kornhardt, Robbie Patterson, Thom Murray, Tom Brown and Tony Remiger.

Producers of STL Sketchpad 14 include Jason Flamm, Zack Stovall, Logan Short, Angela Smith, Kevin Strader, Shea Ballantine, Erica Lee, Robert Krebsbach and Nathan Maul.

Come out and be a part of sketch comedy history!


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